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What is the Material Used to Create Mascots?

When looking at a mascot uniform, it is easy to see that it is made out of a very strong material because of all of the abuse that it goes through. The person within the uniform has to jump around, cheer with the cheer leaders, and may even do acrobatic movies. This shows how flexible the uniform is. There is also the fact that the uniform is snowed on, rained on, and it even encounters the mud. So not only does it move around a lot and get pounded by the elements, but it has to be easy to clean as well.

So what is this amazing material that is used to created mascot uniforms?

The material

The material that is used is polyethylene. It is the base material that is used due to its flexibility and its durability. It can be molded into any shape and is very lightweight. After it is molded into its shape, other materials that create fur and clothes are then added to the mascot to make it into what it is. No one would ever know all of the stuff that is involved, but how the mascot moves around so well is a mystery to so many people. But now it's not so much a mystery now.

There are also other materials that you will find mascot uniforms made out of. For instance, you may still find them made out of fiberglass. It's hard to believe that they ever were because fiberglass is nowhere near as flexible. Some of the high school uniforms may also be made out of some sort of heavy cardboard with a lot of staples in it. This is something you'll find in the headpieces of a lot of the older mascot uniforms. This always resulted in the groups in charge of the mascot to replace the mascot uniforms prematurely, which meant the appearance of the mascot would change every so often by the slightest bit.


There is no doubt that some mascot uniform manufacturers will give you a choice as to what materials they will use. Polyethylene is not the only material, but it is a very common material because of the fact it can speed up the mascot uniform making process due to its easy molding. This means that you can have your mascot uniform in your hands in no time.

Other types of molding may take a little while longer. These moldings are primarily used in the headpieces of the mascot uniform. The rest of it is like pajamas with feet and fur in many cases. However, there are special elements to a mascot uniform that may call for different materials. For instance, the mascot may need fake muscles to show that it is a strong mascot. This is a representation of how strong the team is. If they need such a thing, polyethylene is probably the best material to use due to its ability to be molded easily, its durability, and the fact that it is lightweight.


When polyethylene or any durable material is a part of your mascot uniform, it is cost-effective. The more durable, the longer the uniform is going to last. The longer the uniform lasts, the more money you are saving. No one wants to have to prematurely replace their mascot uniform. They want it to last for many years to come and you can do just that. So make sure you are mindful of the materials that are being used and see if you have a choice. If you have a choice of polyethylene, then go for it. Your mascot will thank you for it.


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