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Can someone answer a COB question regarding medical insurance?

I have a commercian insurance carrier through work. We were involved in an auto accident, so the auto carrier became primary for the ER bills on that date. The hospitals claim was $1000, of which the auto carrier allowed $171.00, which went to my deductible. The hospital sent me a bill for the $171, saying the rest was a write off. I then went and sent the claim on to my commercial insurance. They "allowed" $440, which went to my deductible, and once the hospital got their EOB, they sent me a new bill, for the $440. Does this seem right? Can the hosptial take the higher allowed amount as the due amount? Its as if i hurt myself by submitted to my 2nd insurnace, had i just kept it with the auto carrier, i would only owe $171, now that it went to my commercial insurance, i owe $440... The worst part is, i cant really argue with the hospital because my insurance automatically deducted the $440 from my healthcare savings account, and sent that to the hospital.

That does stink--but yes that's perfectly fine for the hospital to expect that amount from you. Basically, they'd like to be paid the billed amt, or the $1000, but they will only charge you what your insurance says you are responsible for. They don't generally have to accept an auto insurance's rate, so it was nice of them to only charge the $171, but then since their agreement with the commercial insurance allows more, they have a right to that money. That does stink though--sorry!

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