October 2018
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Backhoe Sales

Sales Motivational Speaker waves goodbye to the old sales model!

The retail sales person as we know it can now be consigned to the scrapheap.

As a Sales Motivational Speaker who has had the pleasure of addressing audiences around the world, I believe it is time redefine and remodel the typical retail sales person.

Order taking will no longer be sufficient, though useful! Waiting for the customer to share their silver with you without any effort on your part won’t happen in the future. A lack of product knowledge won’t wash with the client. Mono syllable answers and negative body language will put you on the unemployment list!

The new sales person will realise the following:

The need to convert potential customers into friends – customers leave…friends don’t.

For this conversion to happen they need to create a compelling buying experience – one that exceeds the customer expectations.

They need to be brand ambassadors, product specialists, retail consultants – bottom line they need to know the product and the market.

They need to pre-empt any attempt by the customer to either:

a) leave the building without having received the full experience – you probably will only get one chance to make a positive selling first impression

b) taking timeout to review the online product reports and finding fault in your offering. The sales person will know all about the current reviews and will be able to counteract same with positive information of their own.

The new customer will be fully informed – the sales consultant needs to be just that as well.

But regardless of how informed the customer is, if the sales guru can excite and delight the customer with their passion, energy and warmth for the product, the sale is there for them to lose.

People connection beats internet connection every day of the week in the context of a sales negotiation. The focus should be on building that connection – getting to know the customer's likes and dislikes – what turns them on or what switches them off!

Just recently I wrote about how one of my clients Lane Crawford in Hong Kong have a customer delight fund – they aim to surprise their clients with random acts of kindness – most recently this meant a customer being surprised with a Birthday cake as they left the building. Not just any birthday cake – a Lemon Cake, her favourite.

All companies need to learn how to create that compelling buying experience for their clients.

As a
Sales Motivational Speaker
my advice is to recruit on attitude, not necessarily aptitude – to invest heavily in training particularly product training – to ensure the company’s finger is on the button in the context of market intelligence.

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