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I'd like to build a shed in a size 12ft. x24ft.?

I'd like to build a shed in a size 12ft. x24ft.?
I bought 2x4 shed kit barn roof.
There are only 3 shed sizes, 7ftx8ft / 8ftx14ft / 10ftx22ft, in its instruction guide even though it said the product is versatile and can be made to fit most situations.

Please help me to calculate each lumber cut lists for the size of 12ft. x 24ft.

If it was my project I'd start by producing a dummy rafter jig laid flat on the ground.
Your supplier's instructions work on a span of 2" less than the shed width (allowing for wall cladding) for all stock sizes so the jig needs to be 142" span. It's essential to maintain the angles between rafters to ensure correct fit with the fixing clips.
The kit does this by increasing the rafter lengths M & MM to get the required span.
They get from 8' to 10' increasing M from 32 ish to 42 ish and MM 30 to 37.
So as a guide I'd try M at 52 and MM at 44 cut from the same dimension timber that I'll use for real.
This is a good workshop method but of course if you can handle Trig. it's easy enough to calculate the lenghts needed then all you need is accurate cuts!!!!!
Once the rafters are sorted all the other bits are easy.
With regard to rafter spacing make another rafter set using ply board gussets if youcan't get brackets increasing spacing between each will give problems fixing cladding boards.Ridge board and purlins will handle that OK if you are cladding with shiplap or T&G.

Good Luck mail me if you want

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