September 2017
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Benner Nawman

Are there any sources for telephone booth parts?

Have an old aluminum Benner - Nawman phone booth. BN 500. Looking for parts. Mainly side panels and the door activated light/fan switch.
Anyone have parts or know who to contact?
Searches on Yahoo, Bing and Google will turn up a ton of links but they're all dead ends. Most are for vintage or antique telephones, parts or repairs with the occasional complete phone booth for sale. Not much of anything specific for booth parts.
I have some feelers out through collector organizations. Maybe something will turn up soon. I was hoping that a source for parts/manuals would view these pages.

It's a tough one, because phone booths are pretty hard to find and really expensive. We get stuff from and I see they have "custom" booths. Perhaps you can give them a call and see what they might have.

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