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Bipod Combo

Can anyone tell me what a good airsoft gun would be?

I am looking for just your basic, spring powered sniper rifle. I used to be into airsofting, but ended up selling all of my guns except for one gas powered pistol. i love the pistol so much, its accurate and the blowback action is fun and it looks great, but im tired of spending money repeatedly on gas for it. and the gas to drive to go get more gas.. I dont do airsoft wars or anything like that anymore, i just want something good thats accurate for shooting cans or targets. I would prefer iron sights on the gun, but the scope and/or bipod combo that comes with a lot of guns is alright too. so what im looking for is spring powered, accurate, iron sights (doesnt have to be) and hopefully under $150. i think that the uhc super 9 looks good, but ive read nothing but crap about it and its newer versions.. so anything anyone can suggest would be good. oh and no, i dont want to buy a .22 or anything like that, bullets will eventually run me more than gas would. thanks to anyone who helps

Looks like you want a JG Bar-10. Any good airsoft sniper would recommend this because of the wide variety of after market parts available and great value for money. And it's only $135.

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