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Board Plasterboard

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OSB Board: A Great Alternative to Using Plywood

Plywood may be manufactured from hardwood, balsa softwood or a combination of the two. Some common hardwood includes ash, maple, mahogany, oak, and teak. The most common softwood used to make plywood in the United States is Douglas fir, although several varieties of pine, cedar, spruce, and redwood are also used.

Plywood makes fairly efficient use of trees. This is essentially by taking them apart and putting them back together in a stronger, more usable configuration.

However, it is still so obvious that there is still considerable waste inherent in the manufacturing process. According to environmental reports, in most cases, only about 50-75% of the usable volume of wood in a tree is converted into plywood.

To improve this figure, a new construction material has been developed. Such product is called Oriented Strand Board (OSB Board) which can be bought at Building Materials UK.

Among the popular names of the OSB board are Sterling Board, Waferboard, OSB, Exterior Board and SmartPly.

The OSB board is made by shredding the whole log into strands, rather than peeling a veneer from the log and discarding the core, thus, utilising the entire log in the process.

The strands are mixed with an adhesive, compressed into layers and are bonded together. The OSB board is as strong as natural plywood sheets but costs slightly less.

Furthermore, OSB board should be used as opposed to plywood or even plasterboard sheets because:

OSB Board is a fully engineered product and can be used for structural applications.

OSB Board has a wide variety of applications in walls, roofs, floors, structural insulated panels.

OSB Board is cost effective. Also from an environmental angle, the OSB Board is greener than Plywood since it is made from smaller trees which are faster growing.

OSB Board is easier to manage as a sustainable programme.

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