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Camo Cwu

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Real Sea Camo Wetsuits Provide a Unique, Quality Experience for Every User

Real Sea Camo
created their own camouflage wetsuit patterns, so divers and fishermen could literally become part of the sea.

All of RealSea’s camouflage wetsuits are custom fabricated. Made from the highest standards and best quality fabrics, the wetsuits are made of Yamamoto neoprene, which is environmentally friendly.

A technically advanced Titanium Alpha lining comes in every unique wetsuit. The neoprene surface combined with the titanium lining provides the best thermal protection available today. It retains body heat, prevents bacterial buildup, is easily removed and creates low friction for smooth motion throughout the sea.

The Yamamoto neoprene is covered by an outer camouflage layer of polyester for durability and toughness. Inside the wetsuit is a soft, durable jersey fabric lining that makes it comfortable and easy to take off when you’re finished with your day of adventures.

Large padded chest gun-loading pads are on every wetsuit. They’re anatomically designed for each individual and guarantees low leakage. They’re cut to fit you and contain seals in the cuffs, ankles and face to keep the cold water out.

Real Sea Camo’s wetsuits are extremely durable. They hold up against demanding performance among reefs, rocks, wrecks and submerged structures.

This company has grown greatly, and it now sells many
other marine products
with their unique camo pattern. Some of their products include
license plates

The guys of Real Sea Camo are adventurers themselves! They love spearfishing, hunting and fishing. They even recently went out to Lake Okeechobee during alligator season and spearfish hunted for alligators. Their
YouTube video
is pretty intense!

Real Sea Camo
is a great family-run company that puts out top-quality products.

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