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Cargo Landscape

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Air Cargo Transportation Overview for Shippers

Planes have been used for air cargo transportation since they were put into use on a regular basis. The global landscape changed dramatically when it became so much easier and faster to ship goods all over the globe in a matter of hours instead of days, or even weeks. Ships on the oceans are still used, but air transport has been, and is still, steadily rising and evolving to be able to take on larger loads.

The entire global community has become used to speed when it comes to sending and receiving goods, and it has gotten to the point where days seem far too long to wait for what once took weeks. Computers have added to the so-called need for speed, since now we can track exactly where everything we send out, or send for, is at any given time.

Why use air cargo transportation?

* Less handling of cargo is needed between pickup and delivery. Planes are loaded, unloaded and the packages delivered to their destination with a minimal amount of handling involved.

* The cargo is more secure on a plane than on a ship, or even a truck. The cases of ships being raided for the contents and trucks being involved in accidents on the road are far more common than a cargo plane encountering a mishap.

* More security for the cargo leads to lower costs to insure it by the sender.

* Packages get to their destination faster, customers who receive them are happier, and you get more business…it's that simple.

* Many shipping companies offer door-to-door services, where they will pick up the package, and deliver it to your destination, anywhere in the world.

* Easy to use, since most arrangements can be made online after you have contacted the company to set up your account.

* Online tracking is standard for most companies, so you and your recipient will know exactly when the package will arrive.

With all the advantages, cost seems to be the biggest disadvantage involved. The shipping costs are higher for air cargo transportation, and the costs can fluctuate along with fuel prices. But when you consider the benefits and choose a shipping company that offers great value in their services, cost isn’t really an issue at all. With the right service provider, you can get an excellent value on
air cargo transportation

If time is not an issue as much as the cost, the same company that provides your air cargo transportation should be able to ship your goods using ships or trucks if possible. It may take a little longer, so you will have to determine which is the priority- time or money.

With either choice, your shipping company will be able to assist you with the process of packaging, labeling and sending your items. The laws and regulations used in the destination country will be known to them and they will be sure you are in compliance with them if sending items outside your own country.

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