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Civil Engineer

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Findings and discoveries about the Great Pyramid, from a Civil Engineer.

A Civil Engineer from Puerto Rico invites all interested in Egyptian pyramids to look at his discovery of the design of the Great Pyramid’s structure, using no numbers, no calculations, and even no reference to the Great Pyramid. He indicates that this is not a theory; it is a fact, it is something real. Any interested person, or University, can verify or rework his geometric procedures, and the measurements units of their preference, being cubits, meters, feet, inches or any other, and will arrive to his same results and conclusions.

Therefore, since this is important world’s history-information, which anyone most knows about it, he is revealing all his findings to the world through a DVD (video) and his two Report Books. His purpose is to unravel this 5 millenniums year’s mystery of the Great Pyramid’s Geometry.

The figure illustrates the geometric configuration of the Great Pyramid’s structure, as designed by Laboy for the model pyramid. It shows some of the dimensions calculated for the model. Since the controlling factor for its size is the radius of the circle, set up as the pyramid’s height, its entire figure will increase, or decrease, according to the size of the radius which is set up.

When he finished his dimensionless plan for the model pyramid, he set the size of the radius of the circle and calculated the entire model dimensions using only this number.

All calculated dimensions, angles, properties and characteristics of his designed pyramid’s model, when compared with the dimensions, angles, properties and characteristics of the Great Pyramid’s structure, showed that they were exactly equal in both designs...

In his DVD (Video) and books, the engineer shows, step by step, the entire pyramid’s model geometric design. It includes every section in the pyramid: He also included the design of the entrance to the pyramid, the Grand Gallery, The Antechamber and the two granite slabs, including the famous "construction boss", the King's Chamber and its five ceilings, the Queen’s chamber and the "niche", the subterranean chamber, and even the so called ventilation shafts.

To demonstrate and evidence that both designs are exactly equal, he also presents a detailed and comprehensive analysis between his calculated dimensions and those actually measured by surveyors and pyramid’s investigators in the Great Pyramid’s structure,

Therefore, it can be said that, for the first time in history, we have on hands the complete geometric plans of the Great Pyramid. As a result, we are able to measure directly from the designed plan, any distance in the structure. Laboy said that from the designed plan, the most probable location of the real Pharaoh’s Khufu mortuary Chambers can be predicted.

As a further proves, he used the same geometric procedures to design the pyramids of Chephren, Micerinus, the Red, and the enigmatic Bent Pyramid.

Besides, Laboy also discovered that Leonardo Da Vinci's drawing about the Human Proportions illustrates the architectural data required to design the Great Pyramid and that of Micerinus. It shows that the man in his drawing, when circumscribed by a circle represents the Great Pyramid’s geometry. However, when circumscribe by a square represents the data for the pyramid of Micerinus geometry. In addition, the cross section of this particular pyramid, superimposed over the man’s figure, seems to represent the exact size and location of the Egyptian men's skirts custom.

Laboy’s Report Books are: “A Civil Engineer looks at the Great Pyramid”, and “A Civil Engineer looks at the Great Pyramid – Supplement. His DVD (video) is - “Modern Evaluation of the Great Pyramid (3 Presentations of 2 hours - 20 minutes).

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