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Coal Hauler

How would a kidnapping in Victorian England be handled?

Especially if the victim was an adolescent girl (15-19)

What difference would the family's social standing make?
Say, low class/coal-hauler/chimney sweeps vs upper class/born-into-gratuitous-amounts-of-money/self made millionaire/aristocrats

Or even the gender of the victim?

What if the child that was taken was part of the Royal family?

I looked around a bit and found nothing that was helpful (this is research for a novel) so hopefully someone here has information.

Thank you in advance!

Social standing would be everything I'm afraid. If it were a member of the Royal family then you would expect a nationwide investigation. For wealthy and influential people you would expect a good investigation. For the working class, just standard investigations relative to the capabilities of the Victorian era police force.

Gender -
female = dead and raped, many cases especially for young 'working girls'.
male = dead and maybe raped, better search.

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