September 2017
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Coated File

What does Diamond coated mean?

My leatherman wave says that it has a Diamond coated file. it is very obvious that it isnt coated in diamonds XD. so what does that exactly mean?

Most diamonds found in nature are not good enough for jewelry They are used for industrial purposes. The cutting of diamonds produces diamond dust. That dust along with other small particles of diamond is bound to an item with some sort of adhesive to coat it giving the item the hardness of a diamond. The items that have this coating find their way to industrial and commercial cutting tools and your pocket knife.

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3m file belt sander attachment arm curved 28374 for coated abrasive and sco, 4mm x 160mm red plastic coated handle half round files set 5pcs, 180mm x 5mm blue plastic coated handle carbon steel triangle file, 5mm x 180mm red plastic coated handle flat pointed files hand tool 5 pcs, 140mm x 3mm square oval triangle rasp diamond coated needle file set 10 in 1, 180mm length red plastic coated handle half round files gray 5pcs, 10 inch 250mm long thk diamond coated half round file grit 300 fine, 180mm 7 inch thk diamond coated flat jewelry glass rock crafts file grit 60, 6 pcs 180mm 7 inch diamond coated flat amp; half round glass files 3 grit set

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