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No birds in my nesting box.?

I bought a new HANDYKAM nesting box 3 weeks ago but nobody wants to live there.
Everyday one blue tit and one black flycatcher enters the nesting looks around for a few seconds and flies away.I thought that it is too late for the nesting season but my biology teacher told me that some birds including blue tits lay eggs twice in summer so i installed the nesting box on the tree. I wonder why the birds which visit the nesting box everyday doesn`t want to live there.
The nesting box quality is very good
nesting box looks south and is installed on 3m from the ground.
May be you can suggest something?

Try putting it somewhere higher than that,birds prefer higher nests as they are safer from predators and out of our reach also. I think its a little too late for breeding season though,although some do nest twice, I think they must have nested again a little while ago. Try again next year but abit earlier,youll have more of a chance. But I suggest you leave the box in your garden just in case
good luck

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