March 2018
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LCD Color Video Door Phones with Rain-Proof and Explosion-Proof

If a customer likes Korean TV series, it is common to see that the hosts unlock the door for the visitors by checking with the video door phone.   At present, with the development of technology, more and more wonderful video door phone sprung up like mushroom. Here, ePathChina will recommends consumers an excellent video door phone intercom which is very suitable for villas.   The recommended video door bell phone can not only help users see who the visitor is, but also support you talk with the visitor. Besides, the video door phone has some other superior features.   1. Hands-free intercom This is a villa-type hands-free color video doorbell. It support visual two-way intercom and hands-free. That is to say, when someone visits you, as long as he presses the ring button, users will receive visitor calls in the house and see who is. And then he will have video chat without holding a handset. It is more guaranteed than the previous non-visual intercom as users can see whether know the visitor. It is more secure.   2. Monitoring Unlocking This video telephone comes with a function of monitoring the unlocking permission. It means the video telephone can only unlock under the surveillant condition of monitor, which can avoid the accident circumstance without monitoring, such as misoperation or children random press on the unlock key cause the door open etc. in addition, its Manual deterrent alarm function is another guarantee for safety precautions.   3. IR night vision The door bell phone support IR night vision. Even if in the evening, you can have the clear information of your gate circumstance. This function can not only help people identify the visitors but also help people protect their house effectively in the evening like antitheft.   4. Rain-proof and Explosion-proof The wireless video intercom system supports rain-proof. There is no need to worry about broken or corrosion. Even if it is raining, people can use it normally. Besides, it supports explosion-proof. And it also can adjust the height.   Additionally, the intercom door phone come with other advantages, such as diphonia ringback, Image timing auto power-off, audio/video output etc. furthermore, it is easy and convenient to install and maintain.   Intercom doorbell is beautiful and fashionable. Moreover, its ultra-thin and wall-mounted design is adornments for household beautification, which can more show their identity.   Practical and reliable function and convenient operation is the ideal antitheft device of modern families, which is widely used for single-family houses, villas, offices, public buildings and other places. It is also the best gift to relatives and friends!

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