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Complete Package

when you hear the term "complete package",, a master of offense and defense,, who comes to mind first?

my personal favorites:

" this aint about no achievement or all time ranking, just your favorites and who comes to mind first so no right or wrong answer"

1. sugar ray robinson
2. roberto duran
3. eder jofre
4. pancho villa
5. sam langford

currently, it's nonito donaire and andre ward!

LOL You pretty much nailed it with the first 3.

Apart from that here are a few more that come to mind.

~ Ezzard Charles (underrated hitter)
~ Joe Gans
~ Jimmy Wilde
~ Carlos Monzon
~ Marvin Hagler
~ Salvador Sanchez
~ Pascal Perez

Joe Gans would be my #1 pick after Sugar Ray Robinson of course. He invented technical boxing after the years of bare-knuckle brawling being passed off as 'the sweet science.' In fact Gans is given the credit of INVENTING the jab. He was very technical in discovering you only needed 50% of your stunning force in your finishing force to knock a man out, he never wasted a movement or a punch.

His defense and footwork was something incredible for an old timer - in fact due to prejudices at the time if he went too close to the edge of the ring, spectators would lash out at his calves with black jacks and sticks - incidentally making him a graceful mover.

And of course with no Gans could punch. Jack Blackburn trained Joe Louis to be just like as Blackburn saw Gans as the greatest fighter who ever lived, to see a prime Joe Gans imagine Louis at 135lb and you've got your picture.


Edit: No offense to Thug, I like the dude, but seriously? 6 thumbs up for an answer that was a joke, and my dead serious one gets thumbed down? I couldn't care less about thumbs up or down but this just sums up YA forum.

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