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Construction Estimator

Learning and Saving with the Art of Do-It-Yourself Roof Estimate

For an expert construction project estimator, doing the math to determine the costs of remodeling your roofing is a piece of cake. However, the complexity of this task explains why even easy estimates can cost you a lot. Before you begin the project, expect to pay relatively high on estimates alone. Otherwise, the estimate is included in the services your hired contractor will provide. This applies if you don’t estimate the project costs on your own.

If you know basic geometry and engineering economy, you won’t pass out when dealing with figures and numbers. All you need to do to come up with is a reliable estimate to understand how much materials and services the roofing would cost. You also need to know how to get roofing square first. The term “roofing square” refers to every 100 square foot in the total area of your roof. If you have a large roof, you might arrive at a pretty huge number in your computation.

For instance, you measured one roof face as 60 feet long and 30 feet wide. The area of one face is 1800 square feet, which is equivalent to 18 roofing squares. You can measure the roof area either manually or by relying on information from the blueprint. Roofing contractors in New Jersey, for example, prefer to use the blueprint to save time, considering the estimate will have at least 10 percent adjustment for contingencies.

Using the blueprint can somehow be confusing because you’ll have to look at two different figures. To measure the length, you can use the floor plan where the roof length is indicated. You cannot use the roof width indicated in the floor plan because it doesn’t include the pitch or slope; it only resembles the width of the walls.
Roofing contractors in NJ
use the width found in the perspective or side elevation instead to get the right measurements.

To estimate the roof area,
roofing contractors New Jersey
homeowners trust use a multiplier factor given by the level of slope the roof has. The result can be as reliable as that from an actual manual measurement. After measuring the roof area, you should then determine the material and service costs based on the existing roof to be dismantled and on the type of new material to be installed.

While roofing materials' price is computed per bundle, services are also priced per roofing feet. This is the reason
roofing contractors NJ
locals favor determine roofing feet first to know how much dismantling and cleaning of the existing roof would cost. With knowledge on how roofing project estimates work, you can definitely eliminate factors can add to your project expenses.

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