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English couple moving to California, advice please!?

Hi me and my husband are planning on moving to San Clemente, California when our visas come through. I already have a job out there as a nanny when i move over but my husband is a scaffolder in England and hes hoping to do the same work out there. Is there work in construction/scaffolding in California?

Just need some general advice anything about moving to California, make sure i have thought of everything before i move! Anything would be appreciated!

Just like you, your husband needs a sponsor (employer) for a work visa - he can't apply for one on his own.

Check with US companies in the UK and UK companies with offices in the USA. For example, Hilton and Marriott hire international staff as interns.

UK citizens can visit the USA for up to 90 days as a tourist, so he could travel for interviews & tests if necessary.

Note he CANNOT legally work for pay while in the USA on the Visa Waiver Program.

Search "international exchange programs USA" and there should be many links to programs that offer temporary and seasonal work in the US. Examples are:

Do carefully check any programs you might be interested in as not all of them are a good deal.

Another option is to go to school in the USA. UK citizens can more easily get a US student visa and he MAY be able to work on-campus.

If he decides to go to school in the USA the first step is to identify several schools he might want to attend and make contact with their offices of international students

For example: (not in California)

Note that it is equally or even more difficult for an American to work in the UK.

Good luck!

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