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Diamond White

Chanel J12 White Diamond White Asian 2813 Men Watches

Wang Lin is my deskmate,
Chanel J12 White Diamond White Asian 2813 Men Watches
also is the senior high school friends, my light when I wish have high school meal on her severely, but after that another heart ache very. Wang Lin to I not thin, good like mom, meticulous. There was a time I really put her when mother look, I stopped not make don't commit suicide by hanging, because someone take care of me!

Wang Lin is not in our school later music,
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music this stuff is throw money, of course, art is also hit the money. But music is not a smashing can solve affair, it will take at least a little pride figure and sweet voice, wang Lin both do not have, only hate jeez not long eyes, the good person is always no reward. Wang Lin sullen go from downtown outlying suburbs read technical school. But mother of wang Lin did not forget PP, she really like mothering treat their children. Yes, I at that time is naughty child, always likes to provoke that help brawny boy, then was willing to play with each other, but also a strength of spell call "cool! Dozen really cool!" Both activities his bones and muscles, also had a good massage by others.

Great zai! Wang Lin eyes but not so treat! Wang Lin love dearly way: "my darling! Dozen does it hurt?" I like a tomboy: "comfortable!" She was busy helped me to his throne. "Ah about mama ah, my gu, you stay with bad? Just make whole body covered with wounds just stop!" Of course this paragraph is I help wang Lin worthy of note. Wang Lin never dared to speak to me of atmospheric loudly! (at the time, I still ambition of impending, really think wang Lin is afraid of me! In fact somebody else wang Lin is the wisest man often seems stupid, don't leave me! - this nelson son wait!)

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