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Dot Grey

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Trying to identify my frog help me please?

so i caught some tadpoles and when they grew up into frogs i had no idea what they were so im at my dads 4 a month and my bro said they like sticking to the plants and trees that he put in there cage so i think there some sort of tree frog he says there dark green and that they have black dots on there back and there legs stretch up to 1 in long and there the size between a dime and a nickel so i have no idea what they could be any ideas thanks P.S. they have to be native to powhatan virgina or richmond Va

They sound like green tree frogs. Do they have a white stripe by there mouth? If they do then they are green tree frogs. They could also be grey tree frogs. They are native to that area and many have dots. Grey tree frogs change color and they might have turned green

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