September 2017
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Drill Doctor

Drill Bit Sharpener?

I want to get my father a drill bit sharpener for his birthday, as he said he wants one. I really want to get him the Drill Doctor 750 model, but it is quite expensive. I did find a Neiko sharpener and it is only $40. Can anyone out there tell me if the Neiko sharpener would be a nice substitute? I will get him the Drill Doctor if I can get a good deal, maybe on ebay. But if I can't, will the Neiko suffice? Or should I just consider another gift if I can't get the Drill Doctor? I would really appreciate your insight as I have no idea about these things. Thanks.

we have a "tool shop" brand drill bit sharpener, and it works as well as the drill doctor our neighbor has! we purchased it from Menard's for 29.99. we have had to buy a new grinding wheel for it though.(our neighbor still has the one that came with his Drill dr.) I would just by him the cheaper one than with whatever you have left you could buy him a tape measure... or something!

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