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Duck Hard

How to take care of a duck?

My dad found a duck at his work, he says it looks about a month old and is obviously not wild, its VERY friendly. My Birthday was yesturday so he offered it to me as a Birthday present. I love animals and am looking forward to trying something new. (: But i'm a little nervous, i've been doing research and nothing has said exactly what I should be looking forward to so, are ducks hard to take care of? What are the basics for taking care of them, and what should I be expecting?? (: Thank you.

First you need to make a homemade pond to show him hes welcome. then you need to buy him duck food at the duck food store. i am not sure where you live but there is a specialty duck food store in New Delhi India. its possible to order online. Next name the duck to show that you care enough to call him by a formal name. such as sir quackersworth. i hope my advice is helpful. good luck with your pet duck, and make sure he knows you love him.

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