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Dumping Steel

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Will scrap metal buyers buy any scrap metal?

I've got a bunch of scrap metal that I'd prefer not to dump in the normal trash/landfill. But I don't know what all of the metal is made of; some may be or have aluminum, some may have some copper, etc. As an example, I have several old lawn chairs, heavy cooking pots, and some really shiny scrap stuff. So the question is: would a scrap buyer even be able to give a reasonable estimate or is it the onus of the seller to know what the stuff is made of?

I open a scrap metal processor in NYC. This is how to sort your scrap. Get a magnet and sort your scrap. Anything that is magnetic, goes to the section of steel. If you have an item that has both magnetic and non-magnetic characteristic, put it into "Bearing" section. Then put all the non-magnetic in another section.

With the amount of steel you have, most scrap yard will tell you that they accept steel, which mean dump steel for free. However, call around, some place might pay for light quantity. Price range would be 2cents to 4cents per pounds. There are types of steel that scrap yard won't accept. Such as contaminated with oil and other haz mat material, gas cylinder with the valve attached. Call first to know what is acceptable.
For the bearing section, price varies because of the amount non-magnetic (non-ferrous) material. If the non-ferrous is copper, the material is called copper bearing. And like wise with the aluminum.
Okay, lets look at your non-magnetic section.
Old lawn chairs : Aluminum
Heavy Cooking pots: Aluminum or Cast Iron

To sell your scrap, first weight them up and then call around for prices. Some scrap yard would give you high price but they will rip you off on the scale.

Price for scrap is different from state to state.

Hope this help.

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