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Engine Sales

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Why are people who work in Lawn mower & Small engine sale, repair & supply stores often so "arrogant" acting?

Because they have to deal with what they would consider idiots day in and day out.

For example

I used to work at a Big Cat Santuary. I used to do 'encounters' and teach members of the public about the cats. I got asked the same questions every day, and began to think that people were idiots for not knowing.

That doesn't mean they were idiots. It just means they did not know what I thought was common knowledge.

It is the same for IT repair men. The first thing they will tell you to do is always to restart the computer (or if it wont turn on make sure it is plugged in). Might seem easy to us, but for some people they would not know to do that.

These people deal with repairs of small engines all the time. The likely see the same few problems over and over again. THAT is why they think you are an idiot and come across as arrogant.

Let us not forget that this is a 'man' place (stereotypically speaking of course).. and we all know that men cannot cope with 1) Shopping, and 2) Not being able to fix things. Which makes the customers grumpy. Which makes the staff grumpy in return.

Thinking about it, it is perfectly understandable and you should man up (or woman up) and deal with it.

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