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How does one ship heavy equipment from Seattle to Vietnam?

Hello - How does one go about shipping heavy equipment (tractors, backhoes, farm and construction vehicles) from Seattle to Vietnam? One of my adult students is working on a project and asked for my help and I have NO IDEA how to do such a thing.

Thank you in advance.

The equipment will have to go into a container and shipped across the Pacific. Possibly one on the major shipping lines (MOL, APL, Hanjin) has direct service to Vietnam from Seattle. Understand though, you cannot just pull up to a dock and drop off a tractor for shipping. You will have to go through a freight forwarding company. The big freight expediter in Seattle is: Expeditors International - see the link below. They will pickup, pack up, deal with customs, etc. You will have to contact them, get a bid and they will act as the middleman for the shipping. It will not be cheap.

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