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How do i change 221v to 110v?

OK all another question may seem redundant but i'd like to ask if i change a 220v to 110v on a hot tub will it make it not run as well which i would think because of the heater and exc parts or will it work ? So question how to do 221v to 110v

My answer is given for information purposes only. I accept no liabililty for the answers and will not guarantee their accuracy. Any work is yours and yours alone.

I don't want to sound condescending, but since you are asking these questions, it suggests that your electrical knowledge is somewhat limited.

I cannot say it any other way: you need to be EXTREMELY careful about electrical wiring and water systems.

It can be a lethal combination if you don't know what is involved and make a mistake. In addition, there are serious grounding, insulation and GFCI requirements that need to be considered. To explain the theory and requirements is far beyond the scope of Yahoo answers.

I strongly suggest that you consult with a licensed electrician and give him or her the job. They would have the expertise and more importantly, they would be liable for any problems.

To do this yourself with limited knowledge is not only foolhardy, but highly dangerous - you are taking risks with possible fatal outcomes.

Here is my 'technical answer'.

Rewiring probably won't work for several reasons:

1. the heating element is designed to output a given amount of watts of heat at 220 V -- when you halve the voltage, it will only give 1/2 the wattage / heat. Your hot tub will take at least twice as long to heat, if at all. (The heating element has a fixed resistance, and is designed for 220 V.)

2. the pump might be designed for 220 V, to simplify the hot tub's wiring. You would need to check the pump's input voltage requirement and probably replace it, if it cannot be rewired to 110 V (some can, others cannot.) If the pump is designed for 110 V, then you would not need to do anything.

3. If the controls are electronic, they probably have a 110 V main circuit.

Again, I really suggest you don't do this yourself. You wouldn't do open heart surgery on yourself to save a few bucks. Hire an electrician to do it right, and be safe.

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