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Detailed description of Paramount Symphony Floor Plan

Paramount Symphony Floor Plan is planned in a beautiful manner. Because of its design, rooms provided in this property by Paramount Group not only look spacious but are airy also. To understand floor plan of this urban housing system in a better way you need to visit the site now. Know all your facts and avail maximum! With 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, this residential complex is nothing but an abode offering opulence and serenity. It not only offers quality of living but also luxury for leading a blissful life. Get peace and serenity by booking this beautiful abode and get an experience of a life time!

From 1295 sq ft to 1895 sq ft, you can choose any size apartment as per your liking and budget. It also offers superb designing with quality construction. The rooms are spacious and airy. Digital metropolitan comforts have been installed in each and every room. The different floor plans of this wonderful project are listed below.

• 2 Bedroom flats of Super Area Sq. Ft. – 1295 – It consists of 2 fashionable bed rooms, three balconies, children’s bedroom, master bedroom, passage, astonishing living room and open kitchen. With every room, you can find an attached toilet.

• 2 Bedroom flats with Study room of room Super Area Sq. Ft. – 1425 – It has 2 exquisite bed rooms, 3 balconies, study room, children’s bedroom, master bedroom, and amazing living room and kitchen. Each bedroom also has an attached lavatory.

• 3 Bedroom flats of Super Area Sq. Ft. – 1700 – As per the floor plan, it has 3 bed rooms with attached restrooms. It also has 4 balconies, study room, children’s bedroom, master bedroom, guest room, passage, stupendous living room, modern open kitchen, etc.

• 3 Bedrooms with Study room of Super Area Sq. Ft – 1895 – This type of floor plan also consists of 3 bedrooms and 3 modern styled restrooms. In addition, it also offers 4 balconies, study room, children’s bedroom, master bedroom, guest room, passageway, stunning living room, kitchen, etc.

Paramount Symphony Project
has been designed in such a way so that the whole space of any room can be utilized to a great extent. Without a doubt, this has been implemented in it, when you check the same. With so many advantages, it is really a must visit property. Go right now and check everything!

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