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Need help finding Light Spirit Lanayru in Twilight princess?

I need help. I am stuck in Twilight princess. After speaking with Rutella I let
the flow led me to the Lake Hylia to the Light Spirit Lanayru. But when I get
there I warp to the Kakariko Village to full my hearts, I didnt activiate the
warp to Lake Hylia. When I came back to the Zoras Domain there is no flow so I
cant get to the Lake! I've tried to get there in all ways but the roads are closed
or I cant fall from the bridges. What can I do? THKS!
I am a wolf now.

Well, if you are where I think you are, you should be able to get to the bridge above Lake Hylia still, right? If you can, if you enter the area by going south (through north entrance), there should be a sign like right in front of you. Right or left of the sign should be a building. Enter the building but don't climb up the ladder. Go to where a skinny clown guy is and talk to him. He'll let you play a game called Flight by Fowl. Use the chickens to get money and prizes from the pyramid like thing down in Lake Hylia, next to the floating house thing. There you go! Another way is to exit Zora's Domain and go toward the house with the woman with an afro. If you haven't, talk to her then walk away. A portal for the area will activate after you kill all the black beasts. She'll thank you and invite you in. Talk to her and she'll ask you to clear up the waterways in a minigame using bomb arrows and a canoe. Clear this and you'll end up in Lake Hylia again.

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