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Sales Force Opinion Surveys Boost Sales Performance & Reduce Sales Force Turnover

Using Sales Force Surveys & Sales Force Opinion Surveys to Gather Actionable Information and Insight for Increasing Sales and Reducing Sales Force Attrition   Sales are the lifeblood of your company. Your sales people know what your customers and prospects want and expect from your company and from your sales force. Sales force surveys gather your sales force’s collective knowledge and experiences about customers and about the support, information, tools, training and other resources your sales people need to boost sales significantly.   Sales force opinion surveys are employee opinion surveys that gather information and insight from a company’s sales force and sales managers only. The questions are customized to get at the important issues that drive the success of sales people and increased sales.   Many companies experience high sales force turnover. Companies spend a huge amount of money on recruiting, hiring, training, equipping and supporting sales people. When sales people fall short of their sales expectations and sales goals, it is a very costly lost opportunity. When sales people leave your company for any reason, it is also very costly. High levels of sales force attrition is an indicator that one or more things that impact sales force satisfaction, sales force engagement and sales volume is in need of immediate attention. Unfortunately, senior company managers and sales managers often guess at the reasons for poor sales and sales force attrition, and then take action based on these guesses, often with little or no results.   A much better way to identify the reasons for poor sales performance and sales force attrition is to conduct sales opinion surveys , learning directly from sales people about what is impeding their performance and causing their dissatisfaction and lack of engagement. Sales force opinion surveys are a version of an employee opinion survey targeted at sales people and their special performance issues. When sales people are given the opportunity to anonymously share their opinions, suggestions and insight based on their first-hand experiences in sales employee opinion surveys, they provide honest comprehensive information that enables sales managers to take action to increase sales employee satisfaction and engagement, sales performance and sales force retention.   Learning why some sales people outsell their peers by a wide margin:   Every company knows that some of their sales people consistently generate higher sales than their peers, while other sales people consistently sell well under the average for their sales force. Conducting a sales force survey / sales force opinion survey is an effective way to identify the reasons why some sales people outperform others by a wide margin while others are consistent underperformers..   Sales force surveys typically include 30-60 questions, depending on your industry, products and services. Here is a sample of the issues included in sales force opinion surveys :   ·   Company image ·   Marketing effectiveness ·   Effectiveness of sales managers ·   Communications and support from sales managers ·   Sales manager treatment of sales people ·   Recognition received from sales managers ·   Availability of customer and industry business information ·   Availability & effectiveness of administrative support ·   Sales & product training effectiveness ·   Sales tracking effectiveness ·   Effectiveness of sales mentoring and performance feedback ·   Satisfaction with & perceived fairness of sales compensation and benefits plans ·   Adequacy/effectiveness of sales tools (smart phones, laptop computers, etc.) and programs ·   Effectiveness of sales culture ·   Empowerment of sales staff ·   Effectiveness of customer problem resolution ·   Product and service quality and reliability ·   Fairness and timeliness of sales expense reimbursement ·   Customer satisfaction with and awareness of products and services ·   Satisfaction with the service environment and policies ·   Likelihood of sales people staying with your company ·   Willingness of sales people to recommend your company for employment   Sales force survey benefits - Sales force satisfaction surveys /sales force opinion surveys generate the following bottom-line benefits and a very strong payback:   ·   Gaining insight for attracting and keeping customers ·   Making breakthrough improvements in sales force sales performance ·   Increasing sales and competitiveness ·   Reducing costly sales force turnover ·   Increasing sales manager effectiveness ·   Learning about what customers like & dislike about your products and services & being your customer ·   Gathering information about your competitors ·   Eliminating obstacles impacting sales people and customers ·   Learning about ideas for new products and services ·   Gaining information for strengthening and creating new sales tools and programs ·   Improving communications with customers ·   Identifying and fixing recurring problems impacting customers ·   Sending an important message to your customers and employees that your company cares about employees’ opinions customers   Final Thoughts About Sales Force Surveys / Sales Force Opinion Surveys:   Many companies are falling far short in achieving their sales potential, partially because their sales people are not fully satisfied and engaged in their jobs. This leads to costly turnover of sales people and reduced revenue and profit. Conducting a sales force survey /sales force opinion survey is a highly effective way to learn about what is causing your company’s sales force to fall short of their sales potential, and what is causing sales force attrition.   While companies can gather significant actionable information by conducting an employee satisfaction survey , an employee engagement survey or an employee opinion survey , a more comprehensive and focused way to gather information and insight for increasing sales force performance and for decreasing sales force attrition is to conduct a sales force survey or a sales force opinion survey.

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