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How do I get a modeling contract if I just recently left my other agency?

The question basically says it all...I just left my other agency because I'm not getting much work, does anyone know of an agency I can sign up with or something? Or if you are an agency representative? I have a full port and everything, I'm even on ModelMayhem.. it just sucks to be outta work, thanks :)

You shouldn't really leave one agency until you have another one lined up. Even if you weren't getting much work, not much work is better than no work

Since you were with an agency, I would get in contact with the photographers, makeup artists, other models, creative directors, etc you've worked with on other jobs to let them know you have left your agency and which agency they would recommend. They know which agencies are booking their models on the most jobs. Use every connection you can find

Without knowing where you live, it's impossible to recommend specific agencies. You can start by looking on under Agencies then sort by country/city/state to find agencies near you and submit your materials or check the agency websites to see if and when they hold open calls

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