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Grade Silicone

can i use food grade silicone sealant on a bucket for brewing beer?

I have a 5 gallon food grade plastic bucket for brewing beer. I want to divide it in half so I can use it to brew two different kinds of beer at once. My plan was to use some food grade acrylic sheeting (FDA approved) as the divider in the bucket and use this caulk to make it air tight (|||0|24|7|1|0) Is this suitable to do or will this end up leaking chemicals from the caulk into the beer?

it MAY work... but the problem is, you would want to confirm that both the food-grade silicon sealant and the acrylic sheeting doesn't react or dissolve in alcohol

i would recommend consider just buying a 2nd fermenting pail... they are cheap, and you can fill them halfway if you choose.

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