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USPS offered me a position for carrier?

ok here is the problem I filled out the online app for the postoffice. About two weeks later received a email about having a interview. Went to the interview and everything went great. About another two weeks later received a call telling me I was chosen for the job along with two other people. Was also told it all would take about a month for all the paper work to be completed. Once again about two weeks later another email regarding my employment and to submit information to complete me background check. (Yes i called the company and it is used by the usps) But now it's been over a month and still haven't heard anything, let alone calling and leaving messages. any advice out there on what I should do or be doing ?
ok I don't really know how to reply to answers I'm usig my iPhone eveytging is 100% real all email are from USPS and the company they use is e-service

RTFM is correct. I don't understand why you have not been scheduled to take the written exam. See the links below - something is wrong here.

The Postal Service implemented major changes to its recruiting program in 2008 to improve operational efficiency and automate the hiring process. It expanded its internal eCareer application system to include new hires. Instead of applying to take a standardized exam for a specific occupation, you now apply for an actual job vacancy. This is far more efficient, and you will know within two to six weeks of the job announcement’s closing date whether or not you are being considered for the position. Up to a million or more apply for post office jobs each year. Their new system collects background information, education, and work history when you first apply. This information is saved in your personal online profile and can be reused to apply for all jobs that you choose to apply for.

Previously, the Postal Service scheduled regional examinations for major occupational groups. Applicants who passed the exams with a score of 70 or higher were added in rank order to a hiring list for each area. These lists became outdated quickly as applicants found other employment, and it often took up to two years or longer before you were called for an interview, depending on when the Postal Service needed to hire and where you were on the list.

The majority of positions, approximately 80 percent of all postal jobs, require passing a postal exam. Most tested positions are for city and rural carriers, mail processing specialists, mail handlers, sales, service, and distribution associates. There are also examinations for vehicle operators, mechanics, electronics technicians and others. A list of tested occupations is on page 23, and sample examinations are presented in Chapter Four of Post Office Jobs. Chapter Five includes a comprehensive study guide for the 473 Postal Exam that is required for most mail handling positions.

Clerk, carrier, mail handlers, and distribution associates must pass the 473 Postal Exam. Other job applicants such as mechanic, electronic technician, motor vehicle operators, machinist, clerical, and trades must also pass a written test. The overall rating is based on the test results and your qualifying work experience and education. Certain occupations, including many corporate and professionals, don't require a written test. These groups are evaluated under the Postal Service’s Rated-Application Examinations process. They are rated and hired strictly on their prior work experience, education, and how well they do on the interview.

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