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Google Nexus One- Is It The Next Big Thing?

The start of 2010 has already bought about quite a few events in the Internet world.

These include the announcement of 'Operation Aurora', a hole in Microsoft's IE browser that is being held responsible for hackers in China infiltrating Google's gmail system, Bing updating their mapping system to include local events and pinpointing them and Yahoo! selling Zimbra (it's widely recognised email platform) to VMware for what is expected to be less than half than the $350 they originally paid for it.

All of these events are quite significant in gauging any potential power shifts between the three search engine giants; however, Google's latest venture into the mobile phone market is turning out to be quite an adventure in its own right, with even some diehard iPhone fans being won over by the handset.

The new Nexus One Smartphone by Google has hidden within it’s sleek body some powerful functions. How does dictating a text message instead of typing it in sound? Or watching YouTube videos on a 3.7" AMOLED screen? The navigation is operated by a trackball system which means that the touch screen is sensitive and allows the user to perform a wide variety of functions such as browsing, navigation and dialling with ease. OK, all of this sounds pretty comparable to the iPhone, which now has an established history to fall back upon, but with the dictation functions being the Nexus' main selling point, will a lot of people convert?

Google have really tried to make the Nexus appeal to its users, and with the voice enabled texting being somewhat of a new thing, it's pretty certain that anyone who needs to text whilst doing an activity such as driving will really appreciate this function. Of course, not everyone will like this, so it is possible to switch between dictation and typing as like on the iPhone. The voice commands don’t only stop at texting either; it is possible to update Facebook statuses, create new Tweets for Twitter, write emails, call contacts and use Google search entirely by speaking to the phone. As well as all this super technology, the phone just looks good – it is a very thin, compact design with curved edges and has a two toned casing – something very popular in the mobile phone market. The camera is 5 megapixel, which isn't as great as some other phones, but certainly not bad. It runs on a 1GHZ Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (which actually compares to a modern laptop), and has 512MB internal memory. It is also possible to get external Micro SD memory cards for the phone.

So, with all of the Nexus' great features, how is it being received? Well, with it's $500 standalone price tag (approx £331 in the UK), a lot of users have found that not having a dedicated support line is very frustrating, as at the moment Google is only taking queries and complaints via email. A lot of common problems that the first users of the phone seem to be experiencing include getting 3G to work correctly and Google are taking up to 48 hours to respond to such complaints. Additionally, the network providers supporting the Nexus (T Mobile and Vodaphone) are fielding customers back to Google, which is further annoying users.

Will the Nexus make it in the mobile market? Well, only time will tell, but it does seem that Google need to get a solid support system in place before much longer, to ensure users don’t throw the towel in through lack of support for their problems.

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