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Hole Twist

I sprained my ankle, can i swim in my swim meet this weekend?

On Sunday, i was throwing football with my friend and i was backing up to catch it and i stepped into a hole, twisted my ankle and fell. turns out I sprained my ankle. It is 2 days later and its still swollen and bruised and it is very painful. My family says it is a Grade 2 sprain. But, I am on a swim team and i have a HUGE swim meet this weekend, so do you think I will be able to swim?
Oh and i went to the orthopedist today, he said it was a mid foot sprain, and i damaged a ligament in my foot, and it should be better in over a week. :)

Absolutely yes! Get some white adhesive tape ... your coach should know how to tape an ankle ... OR, see if you can get some advice from the local high school football or basketball or track coach as they should have a high level of expertise in taping an ankle.

Even if you don't swim, get your ankle taped or, at least, wrapped with an ACE bandage.

Taping/wrapping supports your ankle and takes away a lot of pain.

In addition to wrapping your ankle, you should also be icing your ankle ... 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. AND, as often as possible, you should raise your ankle above your heart.

Finally, to reduce pain and inflammation, take ibuprofen (Advil is a brand name). Follow the directions on the container. ALWAYS take things like ibuprofen, aspirin, acetaminophen (Tylenol is a common brand) with milk or food as they can cause irritation to your digestive system and/or cause nausea.

Who, in your family, has the expertise to determine the level of injury? Did you see a doctor?

REPLY to Additional Details:
My comments about taping, wrapping, icing, and elevating still apply. If you get it taped, you could go to swim practice, use a Pull-Buoy for the entire practice and do not do kicking sets. In addition, by Wednesday, you should be doing your best to walk as normally (not speed, by form) as possible. On Thursday, start to use a heating pad but, NOT before.

There are no rules against you swimming in the meet with your ankle taped. But, first you must find out how to tape it as there are techniques in taping that will add support. If you tape it wrong it will hurt.

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