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who makes crowns for royalty?

I want to know who makes crowns and coronets for royalty? are they goldsmiths hired by nobles/royal family? are they privately employed or what?

Garrard's has made crowns and coronets for the Royal Family for a long time.They are a jeweler's .

says:"Garrard Jewelers

If you want to know which jewelry shop holds the distinction of being the oldest in the world, it's Garrard Jewelers. Not only it is the oldest one, it is also the most esteemed jewelry maker. Garrard Jewelers is the official Crown Jeweler of Britain's royalty. Indeed, if you happen to get your engagement ring from Garrard Jewelers, you can accurately say you feel like a queen.
Garrard Jewelers was founded as early as 1730. And since that time until today, they have been providing diamond and other gemstone jewelry of high quality. As such, they only cater to people and royalties who are very discerning with their jewelry pieces. But fortunately, their pieces are not exclusive to these people alone. Their jewelry creation is open to the public who can afford it. The company employs in-house craftsmen who scrupulously design each piece, ensuring that all of them are of excellent quality. All jewelry by Garrard Jewelers is for the royal blood.

Crown Jewels

It was in 1843 when Queen Victoria had officially appointed Garrard Jewelers to be Britain royalty's official Crown Jeweler. This is a position that requires Garrard to create special pieces for the British Royalty's functions. They are also the ones tasked to maintain the invaluable Crown Jewels safeguarded at the HM Tower of London. The pieces they have to guard with their lives are the Imperial State Crown, Sovereign's Specter, King George IV Diadem, Princesses Coronets, and Queen Mary's Durbar Tiara. They also oversee the maintenance and care of the jewelry, including the Queen's royal and private collections. Garrard Jewelers also created Princess Diana's engagement ring. "
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