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Interior Package

I am to use an alternative packaging material for bubble wraps, any suggestions?

Hey guys, I need an immediate solution (short term). We are using bubble wraps as interior packaging material to separate our products. I just can't find anything that has equivalent cushioning effect and transparency. Please advise me. Thanks!

Your first concern is - "How much cushioning do I really need?" If you are separating items in a single package, simple cardboard squares for the space between (use your received boxes and cut them to size) and then something more durable for the outer sides, like 4 layers of cardboard. Remember that for a vast majority of shipments, packages are handled reasonably & I don't think any shipper needs to worty about the Ace Ventura opening scene! If your product is fairly uniform, (most packages are the same) you can cut up the cardboard ahead of time and make the packing go really quick and smooth. I can't be sure that transpearant could be so important, customers only need to lift off the top layer of cardboard. You could also cut a window to show some important info or feature if that's the case. Thank you for being aware and willing to look for an alternative, Thank you and Good Luck!

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