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How should I properly price mowing yards to be competitive?

I am wanting to start a mowing business in Nashville, Tn and want to win the most sales but also be fair in my pricing but competitive at the same time... Can anyone help me??

It will depend what is involved in the job. Is it just mowing, or does it also include edging and blowing? What is the grade of the yard -- flat or sloped? How many obstacles -- fence, trees, sheds, dog pens, etc.? Are you using a $150 walk-behind or a $3000 riding mower?

The way to figure pricing is to mow your own lawn. How long does it take? Then figure a per-hour labor rate like $15. Then figure your material costs -- equipment, gas, oil, maintenance, upkeep. Also figure your costs to get to the jobs -- trailer, mileage on your truck, gas. And you need insurance to cover damages you might cause from flying rocks or grass fires (it happens).

My lawn guy charges me $35, but I don't have any backyard (just woods). My neighbor across the street pays $50 but for a lot more lawn area. This includes mow/edge/blow. And he does an excellent job. I would rather pay more for a top-notch job than less for a sloppy job.

Are you going to be full service by offering leaf removal, mulching, aerating, weeding, and other services? If so, those would be extra charges but would make you more attractive to customers.

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