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Who is the Oppositional Character in A League of Their Own?

I'm writing a paper analyzing A league Of Their Own and I am having a tough time because I can't decide if Kit is the main character or not. I need an oppositional character who interferes with the MC's goals and desires and set the stage for the conflict and I feel like it's Dotti because Kit lives in her shadow...but at the same time Dottie gets more attention is the movie so is she the main character? And if so then kit would be the oppositional correct? But what is Dotti's goals and desires and exactly how is Kit blocking her from getting them...ugh HELP.

Well, I've seen this movie many times and I would have to say I do think that Dottie is the MC & that Kit would be the OC because Dottie loves her sister and wants her to be happy so in the end she makes sure she is happy. I don't remember all the specifics cuz it has been a while but I think Geena Davis is the main character. Good luck.

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