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Kitchen Floor

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Laying Ceramic Kitchen Floor Tiles

Laying ceramic kitchen floor tiles can be a big job. But with the right tools and the right information it is a doable project for the average Do It Yourself-er. The first two steps are to make sure you have the right kitchen tiles, tools and grout. Of course you will need gloves, a dust mask, safety glasses and knee-pads. You will also need a pry bar for removing the old tiles. Other tools include pencil, tape measure, scrapers, slip-joint pliers, spacers, mortar adhesive, a bucket and a sponge. You will also need a trowel for applying and smoothing the grout and a wet saw for cutting the tiles.

Now it’s time to get into the actual work. Remove all the appliances and furniture from the kitchen and take the moulding off around the edge. Remove the flooring and scrape off any old adhesive. Next find the middle of the room. It is important that you lay tiles from the centre so that any adjustments can be made at the outer edges of the floor. Use the wet saw to cut tiles to the size you need, then lay the tiles onto the floor in the pattern you want.

The next step is to mix up some of the mortar adhesive. Remove a few tiles from the centre and spread a thin layer of mortar on each one. Work quickly because the mortar will start to set up in about 30 minutes. Be sure and use rubber spacers to keep the tiles evenly spaced. Press each tile down firmly to get a good fit. It’s very important to keep the tiles clean with a damp sponge as you go.

Let the tiles settle for a couple days before putting on the grout. Remove the rubber spacers, put a pile of grout near the middle of the floor, work the grout into the spaces, then use the trowel to scrape off the excess grout. Wipe off the any more grout from the tiles with a wet sponge. Use lots of clean water and make sure that all this excess is washed off the tiles.

When the floor is clean, run a bead of sealant around the edge of the floor and replace the mouldings. Be sure you use a sealant that matches the colour of the grout. After the floor has been down for a week or two, you can apply a tile sealer that will keep the floor tiles looking new.

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