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Ladder Roof

Roof Ladders - Tips on how to access your Roof Space

The first questions are, how often will you be using the ladder, and what will you be taking up and down the ladder?

Some people may be using their roof ladder only occasionally, and storing things like empty luggage, or the Christmas tree. For this kind of usage, a roof ladder with a weight-bearing load of 120 kilograms would be fine. Of course you have to remember to take into account your own body weight!

If you are going to be using the roof ladder on a regular basis, and will be utilising your attic space for the storing of heavier items, or even if you’re undertaking a loft conversion, you will want a heavier weight-bearing capacity ladder. A ladder with a full-length handrail is desirable for safety reasons.

Another major factor in choosing an attic access ladder is the incline angle (or how steep the ladder is to climb). It is harder to climb a straight and vertical ladder than to climb a roof ladder with a gentle incline, particularly when carrying something. The best angle for incline is between 55 and 60 degrees. Cheaper varieties of roof ladders are often set at a 45degree angle and very few have safe handrails, making it difficult to climb the ladder whilst carrying things meant for storage.

The price is not the most important factor when considering which ladder to purchase. The weight bearing capacity, and your safety when using the ladder are far more important. There is no sense in buying a cheaper ladder set at a steeper incline and with less of a weight bearing capacity if you fall off it and end up in the hospital!

The old but true saying, “you get what you pay for” is still very relevant, but even more so when you consider the safety of yourself and your family. Don’t take the risk, just get a SAFE [url=]ladder[/url], you and your family’s safety is the most important factor.

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