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Selling handcrafted jewelry question?

I have been making my own jewelry for a while and have just been starting to sell them, mostly to people at work. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck selling them on-line? Through your own personal website or through Etsy? I would like to get more into it and would like to know if on-line sales are worth it, do people buy a lot that way? Or should I just stick with doing it in person. Thanks.

Personally, I have found in-person sales to be the best for me. I sell to friends, and to their friends and families, and so on. I sell a fair bit to people who see someone wearing something of mine. There's a craft fair at a local church just before Christmas; I sell a lot there, too.

The biggest problem with selling jewelry online is that so many others are doing the same thing. Everyone's wares are different to some degree, but it's all jewelry.

One place I sold a lot was at a crafts consignment store nearby. I rented a space there (a whole shelf in a jewelry case) for a small monthly fee, and paid a small percentage of what I sold, too. That was a good option for me for awhile.

My avatar is a picture of one of the items I sell, just in case you're curious.

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