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What is the best high efficiency washer? One that doesn't get gunk caught in the door seal..?

I need an HE washer to lower my water bill. I've heard some tend to get nasty gunk caught in teh door seal and get smelly, or that little items sometimes get into the motor somehow. Which ones don't ahve these (or any other!) problems?

Be very very careful... I don't recommend them. I hope you will read these stories and think about it before you buy. It can be a nightmare , I know from experience...


I answer these front load questions often and get thumbs downed and jeered. Even though some will admit that their washer stinks and they have to perform constant rituals on them and leave the doors open in an attempt to keep them from running you out of the house,some of these front loader owners love them anyway. I just do not get it. I personally expect my clothes to come out cleaner and cleaner smelling when they come out of the wash than when they went in. I don't like the idea of washers that use less water. It's common sense that more water means cleaner clothes. Besides you can't use enough water to equal the extra cost of these machines especially when you factor in having to wash in hot water,running empty loads and special cleaning tablets to keep them from smelling etc.
If you watch the cleaning and laundry questions you will see that this is a wide spread problem...








Some say we may have this issue because of using more cold water than hot to wash. I know I like to wash in cold and hang dry. Hot water is very expensive and I thought the point of all these HE sets was to conserve anyway. It can't be that efficient to have to wash in hot water all the time or else your washer smells. I only wash towels and extremely dirty clothes in hot water. Hot water also fades clothing much quicker than cold water.I have never had any of my top loaders with an agitator smell of mold or any other foul thing and I've never had my agitator ruin any of my clothing either. What good will it be to save a little on water when it's more expensive in the long run and sooo many problems. I had one of these set and was lucky enough to return them and get a new set. I would of had to give them away if I couldn't return them. They are a nightmare! Don't do it!

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