December 2017
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Tree Planting Mechanisms?

I was recently watching Richard Hammond's Crash Course, and happened to come up with a question. He was operating the three machines used in tree logging - Feller Buncher, Dangle Head Processor and the Log Loader. However when it came to replanting trees he had to manually plant the saplings in with a shovel. He claimed "this is how they do it" but I don't believe that with all manner of farming and industrial machinery these days that planting trees has to be done by hand. Please could anyone give me any insight as to how the saplings are really planted, and whether this process is actually automated or not. If it is automated, then could someone please provide me with the name and/or the process for how exactly the machine operates?

This is a bit of an odd question and I didn't know quite where to put it, hopefully you will be able to find it ok!

~Thank You!

Here you go, an automated tree sapling planter:
read about the unit:

Also, they plant the seeds like they plant crops.

for more comprehensive reading on the process of automated planter:

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