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Lot Sprinkler

The Different Types of Sprinkler Systems

When it comes to keeping the lawn green, a lot of people use garden hoses and the good old watering bucket. However, making trips to and from the nearest tap can be a tiring chore. On the other hand, the garden hose might be too short to reach some parts of your lawn. To avoid these problems, you can get an automated sprinkler system to keep your grass looking green.

However, when purchasing a sprinkler system, you have to be sure that you’re using the right type in your garden. A sprinkler system designed for small areas won’t work well for large lawns, while those designed for bigger areas can end up irrigating more than the lawn. Here are the following types of sprinklers, and what they are most suitable for:

The pop-up sprinkler is the most common type of sprinkler that you’ll see in front yards and commercial properties. As the name suggests, a pop-up sprinkler system has sprinkler heads that pop out of the ground and spray streams of water to irrigate a small area. Since they can easily be hidden from view, they are great for home gardens. They are also safer compared to other systems because they won’t trip or injure anyone, since they’re only out when watering the grass.

Impact rotor sprinkler systems disperse water out to a much larger radius, up to 150 feet. They’re great for covering much larger areas. However, the spring and metal arm that strikes the rotating head creates can be too annoying for people, especially those living in quiet suburbs and commercial establishments. However, medium sized farms prefer these sprinklers over other
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hardware stores have.

Gear-driven sprinkler systems are better than most
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has at irrigating commercial areas and homes with large lawns. They offer a greater amount of coverage than pop-up sprinkler systems, but they’re not as loud as impact rotors. They are also much easier to contain, thanks to its plastic layer

Large turf rotor sprinkler systems are often used in golf courses and parks, where other
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has won’t do. Instead of opening a valve, this system uses an electric valve-in-head hydraulic system to disperse water over a large area. They are much more cost efficient than other systems when it comes to large-scale irrigation.

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