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Machine Outlet

how to fix dual control/outlet tap laundry taps?

the taps are leaking, old fashioned taps that control both the faucet over the laundry basing and the washing machine taps.
1 inlet has a control for water that goes to washing machine, and another that goes to the single faucet.
it's hard to explain, but there is 2 inlets (1 hot and 1 cold).
4 knobs (2 for the single outlet over basin) and 2 for separate hot and cold water to the washing machine. so each side has 2 knobs. The controls for the washing machine outlets are normal washers, but the ones for the faucet are long barrel type things about 5 inches long. they don't appear to have a washer at the end, I can't figure out how they work.
any info would be good, or info on where I could get info would also be good.

With 2 inlets and 4 knobs and 4 outlets it sounds to me as if you are looking at some kind of manifold. But what is leaking? Are these hose connections that only require a new hose washer? Are these piped connections and are threaded. If so what kind of pipe? (Galvanized, copper, brass.) For different pipes the repair technique is different. Or is the water coming from around the valve stems which suggests a valve stem packing problem.

A general run down of valve types are:
1 ball valves which are the most modern with a handle, can have full flow when open usually 90 deg apart.
2 gate valves which have a gate that goes up and down but no washers
3 globe valves have a washer and a seat, are one directional and were once very common valves.
After this it is mosly the outside that changes...
4. hose valves have washers and a hose connection
5. boiler valves with big washer and a union attached...
and many others.
Connections can be compression, threaded, glued or sweat.

If it is old enough why not just replace the entire affair?

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