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Modem Cable

Arris Cable Modem – World Leader Cable modems are crucial or access to broadband internet services

A cable modem converts signals from a cable-based Internet connection into information a computer can use. Cable modems were introduced as alternatives to the use of dial-up modems, which connected over existing phone lines and consequently were limited in the amount of data they could transmit. The cable modem standard can carry up to 100 times more data than a mere dial-up connection, which is why most of the computer industry has opted for the cable modem standard. As a result, it is almost impossible to connect to the Internet these days without a suitable cable modem.

One of the best ones available today is an Arris cable modem.

Unlike a dial-up connection, a cable internet connection carries a great deal of information and a great deal of this information is nowadays composed of video and audio. As a result a cable modem has to be able to transfer signals between the internet and the PC reliably, and with as little loss of data as possible. As there is no need to dial out with a cable modem, these devices are always on, and always working. Therefore it is also necessary to have a cable modem that can take the constant fluctuations of power that any electrical grid is prey to. Arris cable modems are built to take this kind of punishment, and possess the hardware to avoid the wear and tear suffered by the internal components of most cable modems out there.

They are built with components that minimize loss due to energy fluctuations inside the box, and that can enable fast use of the internet by ensuring that data loss is minimal. A great deal of modern internet traffic is based on content-heavy applications such as sound, video, and various programs like Flash. Even advertisements on webpages incorporate video and audio these days. As a result, it is necessary to use a connection standard that can handle this increased data transfer successfully. Arris cable modems certainly satisfy these requirements.

Cable modems are crucial for access to broadband internet services, i.e. to reach the internet at speeds of more than the 56 KB/second allowed by dial-up connections. Arris cable modems have long been a market force in telecom technology, and provide companies and businesses the skills they need in order to survive and thrive in the internet economy. Arris also provides services related to video-calling, advertising, and internet telephony.

As a result, Arris cable modems have a long history of reliability and innovation built into them. The Arris corporation constantly field-tests its products under real-world conditions, and possess a cable network equivalent to 180,000 homes being hooked up in a network. This is used to test their products regularly. Arris cable modems all pass through this testing and have to live up to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Arris has ensured that all its cable modems live up to the DOCSIS standard. This is the Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification, and has been implemented throughout the industry in order to standardise and provide reliable services for all internet users. This means that an Arris cable modem will be compatible with all hardware that carries the DOCSIS standard. The ubiquity of this new standard makes it the de facto benchmark for any electronics company that has a stake in the manufacture of internet products, and Arris is one of the best. Its products regularly come up to this standard. This means that, if you invest in Arris cable modem, you will be getting a half century’s worth of innovation and excellence, at the high level required by the very best internet connection standards around.

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