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What kind of plumbing threads in UK?

I'm thinking of selling some US/Canadian made products in the UK. If I provide these products with North American (NPT) plumbing threads to UK customers will this cause an issue? Would it be much better to provide these products with British Pipe Threads.

Try a get a copy of Noris's Thread Bible from the supplier you are going to sell for, this publication will give you all the information on all DIN and ISO standards. I have just compared the American pipe NPT ANSI B 2.1 with the British Withworth pipe DIN 2999 and they are not the same.

Withworth pipe and fittings thread, standard DIN 2999 pipe conical thread and fittings cylindrical thread.
NTP American standard pipe conical, standard is not comparable with Withworth standard pipe. Withworth thread angle of 55dg is different from the NTP 60dg angle both thread have different pitches.

Yes this will cause an issue these fitting have to be BS of DIN standard to be compatible of us in the British isle

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