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Oak Mantel

We have a fireplace with a dark oak mantel would you paint it? Would it hurt the value of the home?

The room is very small and the fireplace makes it kind of dark. The crown molding matches the mantel and is also dark oak. Would you paint it white to lighten up the room or would that hurt the value of the house? Would really like to hear from people in the field who know about values of homes.

What is the age of your home? What part of the country are you in? Also, are you rural, urban, suburban? I think all of these things come into consideration. Planning on selling your home anytime soon? If so, then look at the trends in your market. If not, and you think you will better enjoy your home with the change, then go for it...just make sure you take your time and don't cut corners! Do it the right way. Sand off any finish that is over the oak and then apply paint in multiple coats--starting with a very watered-down coat and gradually work to a coat of straight paint. That's what I did to a solid oak bedroom set and I get tons of compliments (thanks to a helpful Lowe's employee who cringed when I said I was painting oak!).

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