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Off Highway

How do I remove the baffles from Screaming Eagle Pipes??

It's a 2007 Street Bob with Screaming Eagle Pipes, I got the bolts out, now how do the baffles come out?

P.S. This is for an "off highway" vehicle.

My buddy & I just did it in his bike and asked ourselfes the same question. You have to remove the part of the exhaust that the baffels are in, once you do that, get a piece of wood that will fit in there good, so it hits the baffels. stand the wood straight up, slide the exhaust on the wood and start pounding it downward so the wood drives the baffle out of the pipe. Trust me, you cannot just pull the baffels out....we tried. Also double check that all the bolts are out of the baffles (we missed one), also spray inside the pipes with penetrating oil when you get them off the bike. It will be alot of pounding, but they will come out!!! If you use wood to pound them out, they shouldn't get damaged if you ever want to put them back in. GOOD LUCK!!!

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