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Outdoor Transformer

How do you set the timer on Malibu outdoor transformer. Am having problems leaving lights on time set..?

cant get lights to stay on set time..

If you have the Malibu transformer with the rotary dial on it, this is what you need to do. Included with the transformer should be four little plastic pieces; Two black & two red. What these do is you'll be clipping them onto the outer ring of this rotary dial on the time of the evening that you want your lights to come on & the time that you want them to shut off. You don't have to use all four...The extra two are for multiple shutoff times. The purpose of these plastic pieces is as the rotary dial moves around, just like a clock, these little pieces run up against a little lever that either shuts them on or off. Please note, you have to set this rotary dial to the correct time of day by adjusting it to line up with the white arrow located in the middle of the dial. Once you get this far, it'll make a lot more sense...Hope this works for ya...

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