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why is there oil leaking from my forks on my ktm 250?

when i push down on them there seems to be oil over the right fork can any one help.Thanks
how hard is it to change the fork seals? i know the basics

it's leaking because there is a path for the oil to get through. either the seals are bad or fork tube is scoured, but likely it's the seals. it's not hard to change out seals,...if you have the right tools. What i will tell you is that buying the tools is still cheaper than a repair shop's price. Do yourself a favor, use OEM seals. Don't go for the ones that claim they meet and/or exceed OEM specs. Buy a fork tube bullet and a seal driver. you do not want to take a chance with damaging your new seals when installing them because you didn't get the tools to help you protect them during installation. the bullet tremendously makes sliding the seals on a whole lot smoother and eliminating potential damage when sliding the seals on. when changing out the fork seals, also change out the dust seal and also the inner and outer bushings. doing all of this at once pretty much ensures your forks are in best shape. if your bushings were to go bad before the new seals went bad, then you'd just have to tear the whole fork pair appart which would be more work and cost more money. i would also recommend you watch some videos on youtube showing how these come apart.

if you have upside down forks, it will be a little more work than non upside down forks.

it would also be best to keep the fork seal's dust cover free from sand and dirt. that will help out as well.





if you have upside down forks, this will make the job SOOOOO much easier.


Before I bought this tool, even with my brother's help, I was cussing up a storm. We almost could never get a step completed without this tool.

also, don't be afraid to get your palms coated with fork oil. oil the parts before assembling them.

Last thing. do both forks, not just the one leaking. who knows? maybe the other one could start leaking on your next ride. and....do not mis-install the seals, putting the top side on the bottom and bottom side on the top. If you have the right tools and patience, you can do this. It's not exactly rocket science.

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